The Importance of Search Intent for SEO마케팅 전문가

SEO마케팅 전문가

The Importance of Search Intent: Keyword Comparison

I mentioned SEO마케팅 전문가 earlier that search intent is very, very important, right?
By “searching” when entering keywords, searchers “ask” a “question” in the search box, and we “answer” the question in writing. Therefore, if you understand this “question”, the “answer” will be much easier, right? So the importance of search intent cannot be overemphasized.
“Write content that meets the intent of the searcher!” This may seem obvious to some extent, but the real mistake that writers make is that they write content that goes against the intent of keyword search. Let’s take an example.

If you take the keyword of wireless router as the main keyword, a posting strategy that lists a recommended list such as ‘Wireless router BEST 5’ would be effective, right SEO업체 구글상위노출?
How do you feel about the importance of search intent? So, a very good way to detect search intent in advance is to look at page 1 of the search results, especially the top-ranked documents. When you enter a keyword, you see whether these documents are ranked high because they satisfy the searcher’s “intention” well.

Finding search intent through English search

Since the English search results also deal with methods of relieving stress, there is a high probability that the keyword “relieve stress” is a keyword with a search intent to find a way, right? And the modifiers “Simple Ways, Quick, Highly Effective” are also important factors in creating a title. If so, should I tell you how to relieve stress in a simple, quick, and effective way for SEO마케팅?
Because it’s very important to write content that matches your search intent. In particular, the Related Questions are on page 1 of the search results is a very good indication of the searcher’s intent. People who searched for that keyword are usually asking questions like that, and they are curious. As you can see in the related question area, people are wondering how to relieve and cope with stress.

What is new is Google’s better and expanded understanding of SEO업체 전문가 for my intent. If I’m at my desktop computer, it knows I’m likely to be either at home or at work. When I search for “restaurants” I might be looking for a place to eat right now, but I might be looking for somewhere to eat later – maybe to have lunch, or dinner that night, or even a nice place to go eat this weekend. When I’m on the phone, though, it’s far more likely that I am hungry right now and am looking for somewhere close to eat. Google’s understanding of what people want (through the frames it has built around certain search terms) allows Google to alter the results to better provide what I want.

From my point of view, the factors that enable SEO success include:

Deeply understand the buyer persona to create content that matches the buyer’s search intent.
There is no keyword fill for both SEO and users. Humans and machines can read right through it.
Align SEO with the rest of your marketing strategy to generate leads and conversions.
This point may sound simple, but truly successful SEO depends on a lot of things. That’s why testing and analyzing new SEO tricks is the key to continuously improving your ranking and getting better results in your business.

Entities Go To ElevanIn this day and age we need to look out beyond the words themselves and understand things like intent (what the searcher is actually looking for), consistency, and context. A good marketing team is going to be aware of the latest developments and help you create a website that not only matches you with users searching for keywords but matches you with potential new customers and those genuinely interested in what you have to offer or share.

If Google SEO업체 understands these facts, even if it is in the knowledge graph from other sources, a page about “Bananas” could potentially rank for the search term “School Bus Colored Fruit” (Again, highly unlikely example and knowledge graph also would need some context of the search term to guess if your intent was to really find a page about bananas – but the concept is clear, I hope).

Though I don’t think it’s happening just yet, it’s probable in the future that Google will expand this even more to the point where I can guess by my location (the side of the road in the middle of nowhere) and my speed of travel (zero mph) that I not only need an auto repair shop but that I need one that also offers a towing service. There are all sorts of patents flying around which describe how Google might understand searcher intent in ways like this. We’ll delve into those at a later date.

In part one of this series, we looked at how this update helped Google to be able to better identify “fact” from opinion or even outright nonsense. The second part talked about the other end of the spectrum where these same types of mappings between entities can help Google SEO업체 추천 better understand the searcher’s intent (i.e. what they are really looking for with a given query) and how to provide answers to those questions directly.